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My name is Alexa Bowen! I am a graduate of the Character Animation B.F.A. program at the University of Central Florida, pursuing my dream of working in the entertainment industry. 

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My Story

I am an effects, 3D modeler and compositing artist seeking to be a part of a team to create movies and shows. 


Art projects and storytelling have always been the most clever way to funnel my energy and curiosity. It has driven me to see the beauty in all sides of the story in the world around us. In an exhibit that I created as a young adult for the Washington DC Metro, I told the story of the fire hydrant and the many dogs that appreciate her reliable existence. My favorite characters to create however, are villains who are reliably complex with morally gray lives that keep the story interesting.

I am passionate and focused. I learned the importance of nuance and teamwork through competitive sports. I am a National Champion in Acrobatic Gymnastics and a State Champion and All-Met Runner-Up in Fastpitch Softball. I believe in listening more than speaking and this has led me to understand viewpoints for art projects that I have been commissioned for like murals, photography, and graphic design. Mostly though, I am typically a calm presence on a short film with many creators working together on deadline.


I am from Maryland and have traveled extensively. I have enjoyed swimming with wild dolphins, whale sharks, manatees and manta rays. When I am not working on projects, I am reading or watching stories that I wish to be a part of creating someday.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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